• Antico Fattore

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Antico Fattore is an integral part of Florence's historical streets. It is a delightful restaurant that is still very similar to the original, typical Florentine trattoria and, although it has kept up with the times, it has not lost its ancient spirit. This place has managed to retain the same atmosphere it had fifty years ago. It is a charming temptation to immerse yourself in tasty Tuscan foods and wines and forget everything else. Thanks to our 360° virtual tour you can explore our dining rooms and admire their typical Tuscan style. We are waiting for you with open arms!

Our Dining Room

Antico Fattore still offers the same atmosphere of an ancient Florentine trattoria, where prominent artists and intellectuals have met since 1929.

Our Specialties

Authentic, typical recipes of the Florentine cuisine prepared as our grandparents used to cook them. Tuscan appetizers, famous Florentine soups, homemade fresh pasta, braised meats, grilled meats and the queen herself, Florence's typical T-bone steack, Bistecca alla Fiorentina.