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Stories, news and curiosities about traditional Florentine cuisine and the restaurant that has celebrated its flavors for over 150 years.
Read all about the visit of Alessandro Borghese, one of Italy's most famous chefs, at Antico Fattore during the filming of “Quattro Ristoranti” TV show and relive the excitement of competing for the title of best historic Trattoria in Florence.

Alessandro Borghese at the Antico Fattore

'A' grade steak

Alessandro Borghese, a well-known chef and TV face, is in Florence these days. For what? The answer, deep down, you already know: for a new installment of his show 'Four restaurants'.

Antico Fattore  

Steak On Tour

Be guided by the queen of the kitchen in the most suggestive destinations of Florence

Antico Fattore  

Steak faces

Four fingers in height, bloody and fragrant ... the dream come true in the oldest restaurant in Florence.

Antico Fattore