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Florentine tripe of the Antico Fattore

Cheap, modest, poor. These are the many definitions of tripe.

It is necessary to add another characteristic: that of being, together with the lampredotto, the representation par excellence of "Tuscan street food". Both have social origins that date back to the Middle Ages, when the urban popular classes lived almost all day on the street, and always "on the road" they ate meals. Therefore, street food is much older than we think, and typically Italian. Not just a meal, but a moment that helps "the art of communicating". An unparalleled opportunity to have a chat, or a shrewd joke with those who do not know, while eating, violating conventions and rules of "being at the table",

creating an immediate bond, a sense of collective complicity that is unique in the world. This recipe has its roots in the late eighteenth century, as the introduction of the tomato happened when the first uses of the fruit began, coming from the Americas. Over time, the tomato has become, together with Parmesan, one of the key ingredients of tripe.


800 g pre-cooked tripe

450 g of tomato pulp

120 g of grated Parmesan cheese

100 ml. water

50 ml olive oil

1 celery stalk

1 coppery onion

1 carrot

2/3 bay leaves

pepper and salt q.b.

Wash the tripe under running water and cut it into strips. Chop celery, carrot, onion and fry them preferably in an earthenware dish. Join the laurel. When the vegetables are golden, add the tripe. Add the tomato pulp, water, salt and pepper to cooking. Stir frequently. Cook for 40 min. over high heat until the sauce has thickened. Before serving stir in the Parmesan cheese. The boiled potatoes to be served steaming are the perfect side dish. Combine with a red wine for example a Chianti Superiore DOCG. Seeing the tripe today through the streets of Florence with their "quays", though technologically advanced, leads people to preserve and continue a joyous thousand-year custom.