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The French "soup à l'oignon"

La Carabaccia dell'Antico Fattore

In the Renaissance it was fashionable, in the great noble Florentine families, to enhance the taste with "sweet" flavors. This soup, whose term indicates a concave container, or tureen, is an admirable expression of it. Catherine de Medici brought the recipe from Florence to Paris. Over time the French turned it into the well-known soup à l'oignon. The Florentine soup, unlike that of oltralpe, has - in addition to the soft, mild sweetness - that distinctive flavor that cinnamon gives and that transforms it from a simple onion soup into an exclusive dish.


slices of Tuscan bread
3 large red onions
2/3 carrots
5 stalks of white celery
1 poached egg for the diner
2 GLASSES of red wine
olive oil
salt and pepper, cinnamon.

Ingredients (optional of the original recipe)
200 g of chopped almonds
½ glass of vinegar
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
sugar q, b.

Put the onions, celery and diced carrots in a crock casserole. Add half a glass of olive oil. Stir from time to time and cook for an hour over very low heat, with the lid. Prepare poached eggs. When cooked, add the chopped almonds, stir-fry with vinegar and cinnamon. Pour the soup onto slices of previously toasted bread, add the poached eggs and sprinkle with a little sugar and cinnamon. Christmas lunches and dinners are occasions to try out what a dish can give to ourselves and others, get out of the routine and preserve the cultural heritage at the table.