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Tuscan heritage

tomato bread soup of the Antico Fattore

If you ask a Tuscan the original recipe, depending on where it comes from, it will add secret touches that are all different from one another, so I suggest that base. Now let's go to the stove instead.
This is not just an iconic dish that has become a cult over time but it is the playful and goliardic representation of Tuscan peasant cuisine, often the inspiration for other writers such as Collodi.

While we savor its extraordinary flavor, on the Tube we review the episodes of the RAI screenwriter in the 1960s in which an exhilarating, overwhelming and talented Rita Pavone masterfully played the pestiferous Giannino alias Gian Burrasca.


800 g. of tomatoes (preferably bombolini)
300 g. of stale Tuscan bread
4 blond onions
1 bunch of fresh basil
1 lt. of vegetable broth
extra virgin olive oil q.b.
pepper and salt q.b.

Cut the stale Tuscan bread into thin slices and rub them with the garlic cloves. Place the slices in a saucepan. Pour the tomato pulp prepared previously by adding plenty of vegetable broth to cover them. Salt and pepper.
Cook over low heat for 40/45 minutes to evaporate the liquid. Stir from time to time so as to reduce the bread to a pulp. When cooked, add the chopped basil leaves.
Pour the mixture into the soup bowls, sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil and decorate with dibasyl leaves.
Considered by many to be an elixir of long life, it can be enjoyed in winter as a hot and summer soup as a strengthening.